NHS Dining Hall Hacks

    You know how there’s the “Animal Burger” at In-and-Out Burger that nobody knows about, or “The Secret Salads” you can order at Chipotle? Well, there is also a secret menu at NHS…Did you know that most mornings you can ask for your eggs to order? Shhh! Here are some more top secret NHS Dining Hall recipes and hacks that will help your dinner taste a little bit more like Mama’s homemade cooking. 

    So, if you want something cheesy… you can create Mac ’N’ Cheese with American cheese and the abundant amount of pasta you can always rely on. It creates an simple yet delectable side that can add creamy greatness to any meal. Or you can grab a wrap and some shredded cheese on the trail mix table make a yummy quesadilla in the panini maker. The combination of the classic Mexican dish with the technology of the instant panini maker gives this New Hampton favorite the name "Tec-spañol". If you don’t feel like eating just plain white rice, pour the meat sauce over the rice to make it taste amazing. To make a decadent gluten free dessert even tastier, pop it in the microwave...just be sure to stand at least 5 feet away when heating up to be sure to avoid harmful radiation. Wanting to give your everyday beverage an extra kick? The lemon juice located by the salad dressing is your solution! Also if you want to feel like you’re dining at a gourmet restaurant, take balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil and the dip the bread of the day in it—dining for the finest palattes. Wanting to spice up your salad sandwich without burning your mouth off? Simply squeeze the juice of the banana peppers or the jalapeños right on there! Don’t like overly brothy soup? Add in rice to thicken it right up for ya! Lastly, to channel your inner Starbucks White Girl, passion fruit lemonade is your best friend. Simply put lemonade into a glass, grab a teabag, and steep away. As always, don’t forget to say thank you!