Reactions to Noah Sussman, Featured Artist in NHS Art Gallery


One of the first things I noticed while looking this painting was that it seemed as if I was looking into the into the painting, almost as if it were my view from where I was standing. I initially thought I was looking out through a window, which lead me to wonder why there were cars, but no people around. So this poem is from the spectator point of view looking into the painting and the thoughts going on in his or her head.

From My Window

By Jennifer Okewunmi

All I see are cars, but never any people
How is it that cars move without a key in their keyhole?
How these cars got there I still don't know, even though all I've done is look out this window
The cars are all I see, but can they see me even when parked perpendicularly?
I hate that I'm stuck staring at cars, but I'm glad I see through my window, and not seeing behind bars
All I see are cars, but still no people
Maybe the cars did move without a key in their keyhole
How these cars got there I guess I’ll never know
But I’m still stuck standing here
Might as well enjoy the show
After all
All I see are cars, who cares where the people are

Nearly abstract scene

More clear from further away

Step back to see close

Portrait of a man

Known but undefined features

I am colorblind.

BIOGRAPHY Noah Sussman is a Cambridge, MA based oil painter and educator who has taught at Harvard University, among other places. Mr. Sussman’s work focuses on the observational–light, color, object to capture the timelessness in our everyday moments.. The majority of his work depicts the views out his studio window as well as the plants and other items around his studio space. On his own work and process, Mr. Sussman says, "The more one paints, the better they get and the harder the process becomes. I strive to see things in an honest light. As I perceptually paint from a handful of motifs depending on the light and weather, I simultaneously deal with formal elements and abstractions on the paintings’ surface. Working on many paintings at a time I am able to organically develop thoughts from piece to piece. Everything is relative and everything is connected; painting from the world around me, I try to see life in all of its complexity.”