Caption Contest Winners

Thanks to all the people who submitted! We laughed a lot while reading and voting, hope you all submit to our next one!

Most Literal 
“The only student in the class raises his hand and awaits to be called on.” 
- Bella Carpi 

Most Abstract 
“My parents thought I needed more individual neglect.” 
- Bella Carpi 

Most NHS Applicable 
“Um, Mr. Little, excuse me, Mr. Little, I’m over here! 
Does Molasses flow downhill in December?” 
- Mr. Arsenault 

“I already told you, Tracy, you need to wait to use the
bathroom until the others get back.” 
- Mr. Bergdahl 

Honorable Mentions 
“If school meeting was optional.” 
- Kincaid LaCorte 

“I will be with you shortly.” 
- Mrs. MacLeod 

“Do you grade on a curve?” 
- Bella Carpi