Why write? A response from Makayla Dalphonse

Writing has been around for millions of years.  Every person uses writing in their own way.  Some people use it to send letters or postcards, most use it to complete an assignment for work or school, while others use it to express their feelings that they may not be able to do with words.  Writing can be in many different forms such as poetry, a book, or just free writing in a journal.  Writing can be a way to cope with emotions.  To express their thoughts out on paper.  Or to find a deeper meaning.  Personally, I like to write so when I am older I can look back on my memories and relive them.  

Writing has so much importance to our society today.  If one did not write about what they are passionate about perhaps many websites out there on the internet who give us information would not exist, since that one person decided not to write about it.  Writing has made our world what it is today.  Without writing most of history would be a mystery.  We would not have the bible, we would not have books to give us information or to put us asleep.  We would not have poems that make every word have a different meaning and that gives us a different approach to life.  No music would ever be played because no one would write down the lyrics.  No text would ever be delivered, no play will ever be performed, and no tv show will ever be shown.  Almost everything we do involves writing in some way,  whether that be someone else writing for us to read and enjoy, or us writing for others to enjoy, or even writing just for ourselves.  

If no one writes, then no one learns how to read.  They go togeather, you can not do one without the other as well.  If we did not write we could walk into a grocery store and not know what anything was because there would be no label on it.  Or on roads, every sign would be blank because no one wrote down the directions on how to get to one place or another.  Writing has become a crucial part of our everyday life in so many ways.  It helps us get our emotions out and comprehend what others and ourselves mean.  

So why write?  Many tend to ask themselves.  Well, why not write?  It is a type of art.  It lets you explain how you feel to anyone or no one.  It lets you get out what you need to say, or what you need to relieve without the fear of anyone else knowing.  You can put your secrets into the writing and know that no one is going to tell them because no one knows but yourself.  Except it feels like others know.  It feels like you got to tell someone, even though all you did was tell yourself.  It lets you define who you are by what you write about,  writing lets you see a whole different side of yourself that maybe you didn't even know you had.  

In the end, we write because we need to.  Life would not be life if we could not write.  We would never know our ancestors or how we even got here.  There would be a whole side of us that we don't even know of.  No history would be there for us to know either.  We write so others who feel the same way don't feel like they are alone.  We write so others know that it is okay to express feelings in this way even if others do not.  We write for the same reason we draw, talk, and even play sports.  Without it, we would not be who we are.  The person that you are today would be a different human, all of us would be different.  We write to be who we are and to understand where we came from.  

Maddy Schumacher