Reactions to Art Gallery Work- Hitched: A Show About Interconnections

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.” -John Muir


Hitched: A Show About Interconnections, features work from Charlie and Cath Smith in a variety of media. Both artists share a background in photography, with Cath’s work focusing on the inherent beauty and mystery of the natural world and human form and Charlie’s work exploring the interrelationships of geography, ethnicity, and politics through mixed media. Cath earned her B.S. In Studio Art with a concentration in photography from Alfred University and went on the earn her M.A. from Ryerson University in Photographic Preservation. Charlie holds a B.S. In Studio Art with a dual concentration in photography and ceramics.

Different Countries


From looking at the array of 16 newly created countries, the first thing I thought of was immigration and why different countries were merged into one. So I thought for a while and came up with this answer.

Immigration is when people of a country relocate to a different country, not of their origin, mainly to seek a better future. When we immigrate we don’t just leave our home and start a new life somewhere else, we take our home with us. Our home meaning our culture and our experiences. These two things stay with us when we move, so when we relocate, in a drastic or benign way, we change our new country. We bring our culture and experiences with us that end up changing our new home to almost replicate our old home.

This is like the newly made maps. Let’s use South America as an example. If five people emigrate from their country; one from Africa, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, and Russia, seeking a new home in South America, South America no longer looks like the South America we know it to be. It becomes a mix of the 6 different places.

Faces on the Wall

When I look at the faces on the wall, I think of two things:

  1. Throughout our life we’re given labels, most that are not true, and when we start to believe and give meaning to them, they become apart of us and then become true.
  2. When we spend a lot of time with someone, be it a friend, parent, or significant other, we pick up on small things that they do. We start talking the way they talk and viewing situations the way they do. It’s good to spend time with people, but it’s also important to be ourselves.