Why write? by Adam Messinger

Why Write?

         Each day I ask myself this question when my fingers are sore and the words aren’t sticking. Why re-hash ideas and scribble thoughts onto receipts and napkins- for what purpose? Why even consider the human condition and record things, as they ought to appear?  I think I answered my own question. The world is imperfect, my memories are cringe stricken and I’ll never be Beck, but when I write, I have total control. As a kid, I would write myself a world to live in with better friends. Now as an angsty teen, I can write down my thoughts, visually see them as I see them, complete manipulative power of the past. I am able to be my own support group guided by ink; I prefer ink to pencil. I like to think of my writing as permanent, as most memories are. 

         Robert Penn Warren once said, “The image that fiction presents is purged of the distractions, confusions, and accidents of ordinary life” I agree that life is imperfect, but also insanely chaotic and unsupervised. To be able to write down your thoughts, or a narrative, is so satisfying and- if done properly- organized. You have control of the things your reader processes and information they have access to. So why write? Write because the world is imperfect and if you can make it seem ideal--and better yet- make it seem ideal to someone else, then why waste that?

Maddy Schumacher