Cry! Peacock River by Shirley Xu

Hello, Peacock River,

You have been with me

Since kindergarten,

It is always joyful to fun around you for morning excise, Listen to your songs,talk with you, And sit beside you pondering life.

You are with me everyday when I go to school.

One day I couldn't sit beside you,

Someone locked you by wires,

They said you have killed so many drowned kids.

You are not anymore,

People who live by you feel like it is convenient to wash cars and carpets in you. Why do you give selfish people whatever they want, Regardless of what they did to you? For several months,you were dead.

People sealed your body with cement,

They said you smell because you grow aquatic plants every year, Therefore, they sealed the soils under you with blocks of cement.

Since that, you became a construction area,

Your body was divided into branches,

Government said they want more rivers to make the city look good.

Peacock River! Why don’t you cry in pain?

Why don’t you yell?

For your dear plants live in you.

Why don’t you shake off the wires around you?

You have lost your sound body ,and your dear friends.

Why don’t you regain your perfect flesh for all your friends live in you?

Your songs are not joyful anymore, Your skin has became coarse,

Your ripples are no longer blue.

Why?What happened to you? Cry! Peacock River, I can hear you.

Maddy Schumacher