Commonly Used Slang From 2016

Suh Dude. Like that phrase, the commonly used slang from 2016 is here! So if you don't know some of these words, too late, it's 2017. Let's leave them in the past shall we? 



Definition:  A pro. A legend. Simply the best of the best at something.

Sentence: “Oh, bro you’re a savage!”


Definition: To explain it would be a struggle. Just sneeze into your arm and you’ve got it!

Sentence:  “Dab on ‘em!”


Definition:  With much confidence or dressed nicely.

Sentence:  “Look at you! So much sauce!”


Definition:  Showing off, muscles, or no muscles.

Sentence: "Flex for her."


Definition:  Someone who is excessive. Just over the top. Like REALLY over the top.

Sentence:  “Stop being so extra.”


Definition:  Something that is amazing.

Sentence:  “This song is fire!”


Definition:  An immature behavior to cope with a light annoyance towards someone.

Sentence: Ugh I just wanted to be so petty towards her.”


Definition: To be bitter about a situation. 

Sentence: “Stop being so salty.”


Definition:  A truth that is weird, but belittled. 

Sentence: “I low-key find him attractive."


Definition:  Absolute truth without question. 

Sentence: “I high-key like the smell of burnt popcorn.”


Definition:  The opposite of politically correct. 

Sentence: “That guy wants the woman to be in charge.” “Wow, he’s woke.”

RT: (Stands for ‘retweet’)

Definition:  To agree with a statement. 

Sentence: “Omg that made me so uncomfortable.” “Rt.”

V: (Stands for ‘very’)

Definition: Very.

Sentence: “This sandwich is v strong.”