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Reactions to Noah Sussman, Featured Artist in NHS Art Gallery

One of the first things I noticed while looking this painting was that it seemed as if I was looking into the into the painting, almost as if it were my view from where I was standing. I initially thought I was looking out through a window, which lead me to wonder why there were cars, but no people around. So this poem is from the spectator point of view looking into the painting and the thoughts going on in his or her head. 

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Bacterium in Novae Hamptoniensis

Germs and bacteria are everywhere, and in today’s world we don’t even seem to notice all the shared surfaces we touch without washing our hands. Most bacterium are harmless and they keep us healthy, by digest food and protect from other harmful germs otherwise known as pathogens through vaccines and medications. Germs grow the best at high temperatures, in dark areas, with wet conditions. Madison Schumacher conducted a lab in her IB Biology class, investigating if location on NHS campus affects the number of bacteria living on the surfaces.

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