My Girl

She's my hot chocolate on the coldest of winter days. She's my bed after a long day of school. She's my rock, my world, and my definition of perfection. Shes my best friend, we are so similar yet so different. Walking with her makes me feel like a giant, for she is only five-foot, and I stand over six feet. Her eyes are the most vibrant of blue, taking my breath away every time my dim hazel eyes make contact. She's got the most beautiful hair, no matter the state it is in. When it is natural, is when I find it the most angelic. Every curl and every tangle is just one small piece to a grander masterpiece. While, my hair, stands in a slicked back style with no originality. She has got an amazing walk. I find it adorable with her very straight up posture. She walks like she is consistently on a mission, I don't care where that mission is, I just want to be with her. My walk is slow, and not fancy. My body is lengthy and uncomfortable, making me look awkward as I walk place to place. The laugh she lets off sounds like a lawn mower just starting to run. As you pull the rope on the small grass cutting machine, the chopping of the motor gets faster and louder. It's full of energy and happy summer vibes. It's contagious and quirky, makes everyone around her laugh. Yet mine on the other hand, kind of sounds like Patrick Star from my favorite show Spongebob Squarepants. One of my favorite features about my girl is her smile. Her nose crinkles, her eyes squint, and her glamorous white teeth show, every tooth aligned perfectly in a row as if crafted by the most recommended dentist. My smile, although it's big like hers, doesn't mean half as much as mine. Her hands are soft and delicate. Mine are rough and usually blistered from lacrosse, or playing guitar. Our hands fit perfectly together, as if they were made to for eachother. 

 I doubt I could wish for a better girl in my life. She's a great influence on me, she makes me happy, and she's loyal. Most importantly my mother loves her, and praises her to me when ever I'm with her. She explains a girl like her is rare, especially at this age, and that I am very lucky. 

In all honesty, she is the key to my happiness, and the source of all my insecurities. There is no one in this world that I compare myself to more. She's so talented and amazing at sports. Which is a characteristic I lack and have been dying to have for years. She's a genius in all of her classes, and they are all IB, while I struggle in normal high school classes. She's absolutely gorgeous no matter the state she's in, she could wear a trash bag and still look good. While, I, still look shabby even when I try my hardest to look good in the morning. I'm always stressed, even when I shouldn't be that she'll leave me for someone better. Although, she doesn't talk to many boys, and she never really flirts, there's always a dark thought in the back of my mind sending my feelings astray. It's unnerving because over the time we've been together, I've gotten so attached. Never have I ever felt the same way for a girl, and never do I ever want to feel this way about another girl. I can't explain these feelings to her without sounding stupid, or needy so I try to keep to myself. However, some things are better left unsaid.