The Creation

    In the beginning, we weren't the first, there were many before us, universes that is, vast spaces used only for one goal. Agriculture. We humans are only just beginning to comprehend our potential in solar expansion. On July 16, 1969 we got our first fix of the vast area that is space. For centuries we have thought that humans were the highest intellectual beings there are. But we were wrong. Our whole purpose in life was misjudged, a whole different race, far older than a human mind can fathom. We thought evolution was random, but it was all part of a plan… their plan. They planted life on this Earth 4.3 billion years ago, with the sole purpose of nourishment. The human race has been genetically engineered as a crop, a seed that was planted, this whole universe as we know it, is their field. Our expansion and population growth all part of a plan to yield the best cash crop. Many other species have failed, but ours continues to impress. Because of human ingenuity we have been able to grow and exceed expectations for universal fulfillment. For us all this “evolution” seems natural, as our development is stretched over this era. For them our growth is quick and insignificant as they only care about the product. You see, time in their universe is much slower, a century in our universe is like an hour on theirs. You may think this is false but Ive seen it. You see I’m not from your universe I'm from theirs.


“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” 

-Arthur C. Clark

Emma E. Wellington