Note number one “The Theory of Dependent People”

On Monday our nameless hero will become Benjamin. The boy is deeply sick of depression. He depends on his bad mood and thinks that he can do nothing about it.

On Tuesday he will become an excellent Isolda. The girl depends on perfect grades. Gaining A, not A+, she will raise a riot and spread her madnesses all over the school despite the fact that she deserved A.

On Wednesday she will become Arthur. This is the boy, who has lured almost every girl from his surrounding. He thinks that he can’t survive without the sexual act, which will help him to strengthen his ego.

On Thursday Arthur will be replaced by Mary, who depends on other people’s opinions. She thinks that she can’t make her decisions by herself since it’s very hard to manage alone.

On Friday Mary will give her position to Peter. Peter is an ingrained alcoholic, or just the boy who is dependent on drinking. All the problems can be solved with the help of “Hiroshima” shot, and even when the tears of bitterness will come out to his cheeks, he will still believe that there is no other way.

On Saturday, after the hangover, he will transform into Finnic, who loves eating. During the depression he will stay with the pack of sundae ice cream in front of the TV and watch the next episode of “Flash.”

During the lunch on Sunday he will become Martha. She will open her to-do list, being confident that other’s problems is her business. And the rest of time she will spend on doing something she never had to think of.

Next Monday, Kurt will constantly be online and wait for his messages. Because if nobody texts him, he will get into the depression, that nobody needs him.

You know the list can continue...On Tuesday somebody will think about her weight and willingness to loose it to the bones. And on Wednesday they will remember of a cigarette pack, they once put in the wardrobe. They will take one cigarette to smoke, saying “It is the last one.”

Do you see it? Our life is full of habits that become our addictions. I’m always “amused” by such kind of comments, “No, I am not addicted. Alcohol is addiction, but I’m an innocent gamer. I don't bother anyone during the nights in my room, do I?”

Within so many years I have realized one thing: every addiction is bad, but otherwise we’ll be bored without it. Yeah, it’s undoubtedly bad, but when it comes to something that we love... every addiction can be transformed into an advantage. I hope every kind because if not, we are absolutely hopeless.

Just think of it: If Benjamin had lived with depression, he wouldn't know what to do. Possibly, depression helps him to write books and develop his personal growth. And our alcoholic Peter would become an excellent taster and gain some money for savings. As I said, in any dependence there is an advantage; your goal is to find it ,otherwise, you are fated.

Christopher Fridlington