Pig by Lili Xu (Shirley)

In the small village of southern China, far away from the city, local people speak a type of different dialect that people from outside of the village cannot understand. A pig, who was born in this village, coming back with whatever he gained form the city. 

It has been a trend that young men come to the big cities at a really young age to pursue a good job and earn money. A lot of them come back occasionally just for arranged blind dates and are married right away. Husbands go out to make money in the city again;wives stay in the village to do labors and to give birth to children. Preferable children are males. Some young men are really successful because they own companies in the cities, and they come back to show off. 

Kids along the dirt road gather to witness something they have never seen: a shiny black car. The car is a monster with cold silver teeth, condemning everyone who are below itself. A decorous pig with ties sit inside the car, and stacks of paper are bound on him but no one knows what are they. The grotesque car drives slowly entering the village. The pig stops at where his old home is and sees his mom waiting for him with tears. He walks out of the car and places his shiny leather shoes on the dirt road. As soon as he walks out of the car, everyone’s eyes start to shine and they shout out: “look at the money he has!” The pig is wearing a shirt made of money and under the admiring stares from every villagers, he taps his leather shoes aloud when he is walking. Pig raises his head, looks at his left hand and there are resplendent rings on both fingers. Stacks of money are rustling as he walks. The pig glances people insouciantly and he puffs through his absurd nose as he walks. No one dares to say anything with their mouths open and everyone stares at the pig walking on a red carpet like a super star. After this striking event, the doorsills of Pig’s home are almost broken because so much people want to please him and so many girls want to marry him. His legendary stories are spread and every kids in the village want to become him one day. More and more young men quit education to make a living in the city, surprisingly, they come back and become pigs. 

No one remembers, another young man named Nao, which means stupid, dreams to pursue higher education, and goes out for school for a long period of time. Nao loves literature and arts. He dreams to build a school in his hometown so the next generation can receive great educations. He plans to purchase a piano for his school and hires teachers to teach English. Nao is appalled to see so many pigs in the village. Not a single person looks at Nao or talks with him. These pigs live in amazing mansions with their families;female pigs work and take care of children whereas older male pigs only eat and sleep. Nao gathers some pigs to explain his ideas about building a new community with schools and good infrastructures. He talks about the importance of excise and education. He said to the pigs: “ it is really important to have healthy habits and to eat well. Live like human beings and enrich brains with knowledges.” Pigs look at Nao like he is the most preposterous animal in the world. Pigs push Nao away by their noses and snores as they laugh at him for hearing the most ridiculous thing. No one remembers him or sees him again. 

When everything seems to be calm and settled, a car accident happens. The first pig of village crashed his car and died. Pigs hear the loud noises and come out to witness what just happened. Glassy-eyed,they look at the blooding dead body without saying anything. Slowly, pigs move their fat bodies and walk away. One pig suddenly sighs and says: “but he used to be famous.”

Literati Staff