For The Girl Who Didn't Know

For The Girl Who Didn't Know

by Ella Truesdale


How can you tell when a man loves you?

You asked it with your eyes full of hurt

With your fragile glass heart shattered

Broken shards lodging in your flesh and bones.

You asked with a plea in your voice.


Oh darling, I wish I could have told you then

When you were in such agony

And in such ignorance befitting one so young

You were barely more than a child.

But you grew up too soon, my darling.


And so you decided you'd had enough

Your heart became jaded

Your mind pulled away from love's influence

And you thought yourself very clever.

You had no idea what was coming.


You two stumbled into each others' lonely lives

He saw that you could shake and shape the world

He saw that you were only human

He knew that both those things were enough.

And soon you began to realize.


It's in the touch of his hands

The words on his lips

The way he gives you your freedom

The way he fights for your honor.

Every simple look conveys a thousand words.


How can you tell when a man loves you?

When, darling, he proves it with words

When he proves it with actions

When his adoring eyes reflect your face.

And best of all, now you know.