Damn Girl.pdf

Damn Girl.pdf

a poem by Anonymous


Damn girl

you're as fine

as the print

on my new cell phone




You shine bright

like a diamond

mined without violating

the rights of a Sri Lankan

or whatever.


I wanna play Xbox

while you read

the white pages

in the voice

of British actress

Judi Dench.


I wanna watch

every season of

Gossip Girl

while you correct

my grammar a bunch.

Should we go to the moon?

It's impossible,

but the idea still

appeals to me.


Should we go to college?

Because I don't know,

I'm not really feeling it.


Hey, I got an idea:

let's go out tonight

and express our whole beings.


We can dance like no one's watching.

We can get a ride from my mom and dad.