Lavish Mystique

Lavish Mystique

a poem by Sophie Tsekov


His portrait of her expresses

a somewhat enigmatic quality,

a restlessness,

a sense of transparency.


Blue delusion wraps around her golden head.

Opulent clothes,

poignant self composure,

a pearl earring.


How she must yearn

to understand the covert incentive

of humans and their sentiments,

as she gazes at him with bottomless brown eyes.


How he must be so attuned

to yearning,

that he is able to capture

her hidden emotions with only the strokes of his brush.


Seductive yet silent,

her luminous face

glows bright against

the darkness of the background.


Her mouth opens

as if she is about to speak,

but her words will remain a mystery.

She is the mistress of a master.