My One True Love

a poem by Nicolai Albrecht


I want to sing in every language for you baby,

And play on every instrument to say these words to you,

Believe me it is true

I love you!


Let me sit next to you when watching movies,

I wish you weren't so hard to get, truly

Believe me it is true

I love you!


Crush cans never get to me, too many friend zones,

Except last year, the one from Radar Jones,

believe me it is true

I did not want that clue


Wish I could have you every night

You're expensive though, my wallet wouldn't look too bright

But believe it is true

I still love you!


I know you have many lovers at this school,

But be MY Valentines tonight, that would be supercool!

Believe me it is true

dear Pizza half Barbecue chicken, half Hawaiian 

I love you!