Poems for Papa

a poem by PapaJohnLover445


One topping pizzas for only 8.99:

Whenever I see you, you look oh so fine.


I've tried Pizza Hut once, maybe,

But compared to yours it's not even close babyyyy.


Homemade pizza fresh from the kitchen,

Call me for the Super Bowl, you know I'll switch in.


You're oh-so-saucy; you make my knees spaghetti;

Whenever I get a pizza from you, you know there's confetti.


You make your pizza just right,

No other pizza place can even put up a fight.


Delivered fast, delivered hot,

I order from you every night without even a second thought.


You know me better than I know myself,

I even got a picture of you on my shelf.


Throw my hands in the air when the delivery pulls in,

Your crust is delicious, never too thin.


Net worth: 600 million; he got money in his eyes,

But it never changed the ingredients he put in his pies.


He loves his country, red white and blue,

Strong, handsome, tall, you know who––


Papa John, I love you.