She Fine

a poem by Fabian Witzenbichler


I have this girl in mind, but first I want to make something clear:

This isn't the poem I submitted last year.

I learned, I improved, and became better,

Now I am a professional at writing love letters.


I have this girl in mind, she's beautiful like no other––

She's a spitting image of her uncomfortably hot mother.

Anyway, this poem is for this girl I'm wooing,

But every time I look at her, I somehow end up... drooling.  


I have this girl in mind, she is extraordinarily fine.

She comes to me in my dreams all the time––

When the dream ends, and I wake up, I feel empty inside,

So I decide to go to the fridge, and eat leftovers from last night.


Food makes me happy; do I really need a girl in my life?

Well, she's always on my mind, so I guess she's worthy of my time.

I should ask her out, to go to the circus or whatever.

Wait, I'm afraid of clowns, I guess going to the movies would be better.


I have this girl in mind–­­–I would build a wall for her.

I'd ask Trump for help; he's building one at the border.

Anyway, the point is, that chick is dang fine.

I hope that very soon she will be mine.