A Moth to a Flame

A Moth to a Flame 

 a poem by Gretchen Knowles


She told me over and over, “I promise to you I will be sober” 

But every time was the same because she was a moth to a flame. 

The alcohol brought out sides of her I had never known to exist. 

And whenever this happened, her true self was surely missed 

Her actions led to loss, 

Loss of trust, loss of friends 

Once she realized her mistakes, it was too late to make amends.  


The pop of the cork, the sound of the poison being poured, 

It still makes me stiffen, and brings back memories that cannot be ignored. 

Alcohol was like a liquid knife,  

It sliced my family apart, and has forever changed my life. 

It was the cause of so much pain, and it added to my inability to ever be sane. 


Even after all of her empty promises, I managed to have faith when she claimed she had quit. 

Lie after lie, and I finally believed what seemed fit. 

She would never quitshe would always be controlled 

By this horrible substance, this drink that left her alone.