A Story of a Girl

A Story of a Girl 

Dramatic Monologue 



The sweet smell of roses 

The bright sun poses 

 a shadow on the ground beneath her. 

She was not sure 

If this place was a dream. 

But she wanted so badly for it to seem 

Real. And she wanted the feelings to stay. 

It took all of her terrible thoughts away 

Because of it’s serenity. There was no reason to cry. None. 

She soaked up every ray of the sun. 

Before she left that heaven. But actually a girl was dying 

On the inside she was crying. 

She acted as if she was fine. 

 She didn’t dare expose her true feelings or whine 

But in reality, she was scared                

Scared and impaired 

She cried herself to sleep, 

Yet she didn’t make a single peep,  

About how sad she truly was.  

And all of this was the cause 

 Of some terrible thoughts. She thought about death, 

She didn’t know if she could even take one more breath 


In this living hell of a world. 


Her mind swirled. 


Why is this happening to me? 


She wondered this because she couldn’t see 


That it was not just her. 


She could find a cure. 


She wasn’t living, but existing. 


Existing alone.