The Animal Instinct

a poem by Sophie Tsekov


The sky breaks open:

A whining like fire works,

A sound of pure agony.

I peek through the curtains.


Their lace battered

Like the grasshopper

Whose legs have been torn off

by young boys out for a bit of fun.


A bloody mass

Of glory and gore

Sprawled across the grass.

A wailing


Sharp as knives,

And then there's silence.

Muzzle twitching,

fur matted.


My heart is

The quick beat of an antelope's

Hooves as she runs

From an assailant.


And I turn


From his gun and his scowl,

From the lifeless dog,

From the screeching cars

Speeding across the shabby highway


To the softness

Of my bed.

I burrow deep inside

Wrapping myself

In a cocoon of blankets.


The sky has broken open,

But I see no heaven.


There is only the scent

Of rotting flesh

Crawling with corpulent